Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fourth of July

Sorry I'm just now getting around to posting about last week's holiday festivities.  The mid-week holiday was followed by a busy weekend and also an alleged spider bite to my hand, making blogging the last thing I wanted to do...well that and laundry.  I woke up with a horrible itchy palm on Saturday morning and didn't think anything of it, until day 3 it still was red, swollen and still so itchy.  I decided to go to urgent care where their best guess was that I had been bitten by a bug, most likely a spider.  I was prescribed an antibiotic for the infection and an antihistamine .  The antihistamine made me SO sleepy, but luckily I have an amazing husband who let me go to bed early while he did bedtime duty for Annaliese despite being physically and mentally exhausted himself.  Today it's much better and not nearly as itchy.

So back to the fourth...

Justin and I woke up and went to go have some morning coffee in the sun room and heard our neighbors with a chainsaw.  I said "I wonder what they are cutting at 8:30 in the morning?"  Justin walked over and said "Holy Crap!" while he was staring at one of our trees that was laid over in our neighbors driveway.  Apparently the recent storms we've had made that particular tree very weak and over night, one of the big branches had collapsed.  Our poor neighbors walked outside to load their car up for vacation, only to see that huge tree blocking their car from getting out, so they started hacking away.  Justin helped drag the branches out of the way.  Thank God no one was hurt and nothing was parked under it when it fell.  

After that whole fiasco, I snapped a few pictures of our happy girl playing in her Pack N Play, being silly, like always. :)

Good Morning!

Feet crossed, like a little lady.
We had plans to meet at Justin's mother's house for a 4th of July barbecue at 4pm, so in the meantime I made my potato salad, we got ready and headed to the annual car show at the Memorial Park where the fireworks are displayed for the afternoon.  It had been a long time since I'd seen it, so we went!  It was a HOT day so we didn't plan to stay long.  We did get to see some really nice newer and older cars.  I practically know nothing about cars, but I do know they are cool to look at. :)

This is great!  HAHA!

Because of the almost 100 degree heat and Annaliese being already off her schedule for the day, we decided to cut our short trip, even shorter and headed back to the car.  After we got Annaliese changed and cooled off, she was hungry so we did a little feeding in the car before heading home.

We tried to get Annaliese to nap before heading to Mamaw's house for the cookout, but that didn't happen.  So we expected a grumpy baby for the rest of the day, especially because she only had one 30 minute nap between 6:30am and 4:00pm.  We had a nice gathering with Justin's mom, his brother and sister in law, my grandma and my brother also came to eat.  We couldn't really do many outdoor activities or pictures because it was too darn hot!  But we did well staying inside and staying cool.

One of her two 30 min. naps that whole day

We decided not to attend the fireworks this year because of Annaliese's bedtime schedule being already messed up and also we didn't think she would handle the "BOOM"s very well, ever since a trial during the Memorial Day parade when a few veterans' gunshots scared her.  So we'll try for the fireworks next year!

We did have a great family day together and Annaliese has slowly gotten back onto her sleeping routine.  It was different this year not having my dad and step mom come and visit as they have for the last 4 years and not having seen the fireworks for the first time in MANY years...but it was nice to spend the lovely HOT and patriotic day with my little family whom I love so much!

Hope all of you proud Americans had a Happy Fourth of July!

Your Friendly Mama,

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