The Family

My husband and my daughter are my world.  My husband, Justin, is an IT Specialist and works very hard everyday for our family and for a very fortunate me to be able to stay at home with our young daughter.  Justin and I met at a mutual friend's wedding in 2006.  Click here to read our story.  Our little angel, Annaliese, came into this world on 10/11/11 and has been a blessing to our lives every day.  You can read more about the wonderful day she entered our lives here.

I am deeply in love with the both of them and couldn't imagine my life without them.

And if you've been following along, you'll know that we are due with our second child at the end of November 2013!  We're waiting to find out what we're having and I couldn't be more excited...and anxious!

Oh and we have a cat named Sammie.  He's 3 years old now (as of June 2012) and a whopping 19.5 lbs!  We rescued him since his mother abandoned him in a friend's backyard and had to bottle feed him from probably barely 2 weeks old.  Here he is as a new kitten.  He liked to cuddle :)

And here he is now.

Handsome cat

Pain in my butt!  Always where he doesn't belong!
But we love him and he's a part of our family. :)

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