Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bloglovin on My Brand New Blog

So I have some good and BIG news to share with you...

After almost a year of not feeling comfortable in my own blogging skin, I have finally taken the leap and created a new blog title and am still working on a new look.

I feel like "Foto Friendly Family" just sounded like a family blog title, which was it's original intent...so that makes sense.  But since Dec 2011, I have grown a lot in my blogging interests and style.  I felt like I wanted a title that had more to do with me as a person, as a whole, than all family oriented.  Now of course I will be blogging about my family life here too.  Because that's a HUGE part of "me", but I needed to get away from just the family blog title.

Then Creating Cassie was born. :)

So please grab my new blog button and subscribe to receive updates via email along the right sidebar.  You can also follow me on BlogLovin by clicking the link below.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Thanks for sticking with my through all my changes and look forward to see you in my future!


  1. Congrats! I'd definitely write more about the meaning of the blog title in an "About Me" page.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I certainly will! Just have to remember how! Haha!


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