Thursday, July 19, 2012

Memories Captured- Mama Needs A Vacation

I'll start by saying that I really thought long and hard about what to write for my Memories Captured post this month.  I struggled all week and then this happened...and although it's hardly sentimental, it's definitely something I'll remember forever.

As you know, I'm a stay at home mom and aside from the daily tasks in taking care of the house and (sometimes) even write a blog post, I also like to watch some daytime TV.  One of my favorite shows to watch is "Live! With Kelly" on ABC.  
I use Twitter more frequently than I used to and it's apparently been in my favor!  One day back in March, I was watching the "Live! With Kelly" show and Michael Strahan who used to play football for the NY Giants was her featured co-host.  I tweeted to the show asking Michael "How can you even tweet?  Your hands are huge!"  In comparison to Kelly Ripa's tiny petite hands, they are huge!  Later in the show when they were reading tweets and emails from viewers, I heard my name mentioned on live TV along with my tweet!  I used our DVR and played it back just so I could convince myself that I wasn't going crazy and recorded it on my phone!

It's a poor quality video and I deleted it from my saved DVR recordings before I noticed it, so please forgive the bad quality and delay taken from my old phone.

Even though he called me "CASEY" (and boy do I hate that), it's still pretty cool, right?  :)

So...back to this vacation thing...

Last week when I was watching the "Live! With Kelly" show, I saw they are doing a Cutest Kids Contest and the winner gets a Norwegian Cruise for a family of 4 people!  Hello!  Why wouldn't I enter?  This mama and her hubby could use a vacation!  So I got my laptop out, submitted Annaliese's picture and prayed (still praying).  A Facebook friend of mine helped find her name and photo out of HUNDREDS of cute kids on the show's website to help me confirm that they had received my submission.  So we'll see how far she gets.  I'll keep you posted on that.  Wish us luck!

In all this excitement, I wanted to tell all my Twitter followers and Facebook friends, so I put it out there on both accounts.  I received many "likes" on Facebook and some "good luck"s too!  Then out of the blue on Twitter, I received a reply tweet from a Staff Writer of the local paper asking if I'd like to do a story on entering my daughter in the contest.  It didn't take me long to decide and after talking with Justin about it, I, what the heck!?  The short interview was yesterday over the phone and today the article is published in the local newspaper, The Public Opinion.  I had never done an interview for a newspaper before, so that was pretty cool too!  Click here to read the article.

So, I'm hoping to get a chance to win the cruise, but if not a girl can dream, right?  Even if nothing comes of this contest and news article, it is still a fun story to tell my daughter someday when she's older.  :)

Linking up with Alison and Galit for July's Memories Captured.

Your Friendly Mama,


  1. Wow that's VERY cool!! Good luck!!

  2. Awesome! Keep us posted, how to vote, etc. I want you to go on that vacation! Go, Annaliese!

    1. Haha! I sure will, Sandra! Thank you my friend! I want me to go on that vacation too! ;)

  3. You are quite the celebrity! Good luck! (Visiting from Memories Captured)

    1. Haha! Thanks for the luck! Much appreciated! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! We're hoping for the best, but also know our chances ;)

  5. So many fun and exciting things! I love how connected & small the world seems via social media!

    {Good luck to your daughter!}

    1. Thank you, Galit! I love the social media and all the positive things about it!


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