Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Things I Will and Won't Miss

Writing another Monday Listicle inspired by Nora Ephron’s list THINGS SHE WILL MISS AND WHAT SHE WON’T.  Nora was diagnosed with Leukemia quite a few years back and in her final book, she chose to make a list of what she would and wouldn't miss if tomorrow never came.

Here are mine, in no particular order.    

Things I Will Miss

My family

Making my daughter smile

Laughing with my husband

Fresh and clean bed sheets




Shopping with my friends

Christmas dinners with my family

Watching animals play in my backyard

The sound of the ocean

Watching a good movie

Greek food

Hugs and kisses


Collecting sea shells

My iPhone

Burning candles and drinking hot tea under a cozy blanket in the fall

The Ellen DeGeneres show





Taking a bath

Smelling flowers

Going for family walks after dinner

Taking pictures


Things I Won't Miss


Annual gyno appointments


Rude people

Getting my monthly "friend"


Stubbing my toe on furniture

Bad customer service

Hand washing dishes

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Dusting the house


Bathing suit shopping

Paper cuts

Shaving my legs

Stains on my shirts

Hangovers (the rare ones I do get)

Error messages

Whether I would or wouldn't miss any particular thing if tomorrow never came, I am thankful TODAY and everyday for everything that I have, every one I have, everything I am able to do, and everything I am able to feel.

What would you miss if tomorrow never came?  What wouldn't you miss?

Your Friendly Mama,

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  1. Love what you said at the end. And your list of things you would miss. Such a happy one...
    What is up with the paper cuts? So little but hurt so much!


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