Saturday, November 10, 2012

Roses For My Travels - A Poem

I've mentioned before that I used to write a lot of poetry when I was younger.  I can attribute this to my 9th grade English teacher, Mrs Leitner.  It was then that I learned the works of Shakespeare and became inspired to do some soul searching and bring my feelings of my past and my present (at that time) to the surface.

This is a poem I wrote when I was about 14 or 15.

Roses For My Travels
The story of my life 
Torn between worlds 
Having what you may want 
And wanting what you may have 
The less I understand 
The more I want to learn 
About life and new beginnings 
The way life should feel 
For a young adult, as I am 
Problems from changes 
And changes from problems 
It all leads to happiness 
Somewhere down the road 
Though my silence is getting too loud 
My heart is aching 
From time less spent 
Thinking about how I want to walk slowly 
Down this road of life 
And enjoy every moment 
And look around at all the scenery 
I have let pass me by 
"Life is too short," everyone says, 
"Enjoy it while it's still here" 
"Happiness is the key to success"
Live life and be happy 
Nothing is set in stone 
For life is unpredictable, just as it has always been 
Just as it always will be 
Learning to "stop and smell the roses" 
Comes harder for some people 
I would just like to stop and pick a rose, 
Carry it with me through time 
Through the winding roads of life's travels 
And stop a few miles down the road and pick another rose 
And a memory; a keepsake
For all the moments in my life 
Where I was happy and content 
And by the time my roads have ended 
And my travels and explorations are over, 
I will be left with a beautiful bouquet of roses 
And never will they die 
They will just come with me into the light of day 
To a new world; Heaven 
So I could look down upon others 
And admire their beautiful bouquets of roses, 
Handed to themselves by their own success... 
Their happiness.

This poem was my way of healing through my parent's divorce.  I hated feeling torn between the two of my parents.  I was beginning to learn that some people just aren't meant to stay together even when kids are involved.  I began to understand that life is an incredible journey and you have to make the most of the moment you're in and do whatever you have to do to be happy.

NaBloPoMo November 2012


  1. I got the chills reading this, Cassie! Beautiful poem, so wise for a teenager! I know you have a rich bouquet right now, and it will get even bigger and fuller down your long path. Love this!

    1. aww, thanks Sandra. I consider myself always a "deep" kid and one who was ahead of my years, so I've been told. I think my bouquet is doing pretty well so far ;) XO


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