Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Today, November 6, 2012 is Election Day.

Today I voted.

As a female American citizen, I exercised my right and privilege to vote.

And it felt good.

I only had to wait in the M-Z line for about 15 minutes until it was my turn to show my photo ID and receive my ballot.  The election poll aids were searching for my name....searching....S-K-I...nope!  I wasn't listed.  I started to slightly panic.  I was really excited to vote, and this being my first time voting at this polling location AND being the first time voting under my married name, I pretty much expected that there would be some issue.  I was right.

The nice elderly lady attending the A-L line overheard my slight dilemma and asked me what my maiden name was.  I told her, she looked and she found me in the A-L list.  So to the end of the A-L line I went.  I waited another 15 minutes (not complaining here, 15 minutes isn't bad at all) and when asked my name, I gave my maiden name.  I was handed my ballot, walked toward  a vacant booth and closed the curtain behind me.

I stood and thought about how important my vote is; my voice, especially this year.

Of course we, as people, live with a plan.  We're always planning for the future in some way or another.  When I voted today, I didn't just think of my future, my future with my husband, but I thought of my daughter's future.  I've always been conscious of the fact that my vote and our president would make a huge impact on our country and it's future.  I've always been aware that the history we make today will affect "our children and our children's children".  I was never able to have the heartfelt feeling of actually contributing to "our children" until today, because it directly affects me now, because I have a child who will be affected by this history we will make and will one day cast her own vote.

Having these thoughts at the poll and walking home from the poll (we live very close to our polling location), I had a new sense of pride that came over me.  I knew that I had made a difference, even in my own mind, because I voted.

Did you rock the vote?

NaBloPoMo November 2012


  1. I just published my post--with the same title. What are the odds? Actually, pretty high, given the importance of today. Yay to us! :)

  2. Great post, Cassie.

    Our 4 year old daughter has gone to the poling place with her mom to vote for a president two times now; once as a 3-month-old baby, and then again yesterday. Having children can really shifts one's perspective, can't it?

    Voting is a right hard earned, a privilege and a responsibility. If parents don't vote, what message do they send to their children? Kids see everything, and learn far more from parents’ actions than words.

    This democracy so many fought to achieve, and have died to defend, matters. Voting matters. Good for you, Cassie.

    ~Michael Schmid

    1. Thank you Michael! You are so very right. We have to always lead by example. It may be hard sometimes, but never losing sight of that goal will eventually help our generations to come. :)


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