Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Family Day At The Park

Justin had off work Monday from his long weekend trip away with his mom.  Since it was a beautiful summer day we decided to make Monday a family day and head to the park.

I couldn't help but snap a few pictures of the lovely scenery on such a lovely day.  Plus I was excited to use our Nikon D3100 camera again!  (I don't get out much)  haha!  Just please pardon the amateur photographs here...I'm still a beginner with a DSLR camera.  And sorry we don't have a family shot...hard to do unless you're with other people!

A blue whale or a locomotive...?

Old train track

Willow peaceful

A well known farm in this area

One of the park entrances

Annaliese got to enjoy her first swing on a big swing set!  She had a blast!

Daddy pushing her on the swing!

I love that face!

Then she sat on the swing with Mommy for a little while...

She was pretty mesmerized at the ground moving 

Mommy stole a hug

We had a little trip to the park and enjoyed the great outdoors.  It was nice to take a break from a busy life (and the Olympics....GO TEAM U.S.A.!) but most importantly it was nice to have a quiet day as a family.  And although I'm a stay at home mommy, it's always a pleasure getting out and about with my little lady bug.

She was sad to leave

So for you real photographers....I have a question...
ok some questions...

I see many people putting the name of their blog or their name on pictures as like a watermark.  Are you copyrighted?  Does it cost anything?  How can I get a copyright for my pictures?  Should I copyright all my previous pictures in this blog...even though it will take forever?  Thanks in advance! :)

Your Friendly Mama,


  1. I've been wondering the same thing about my own pictures/blog. If I figure out how to put a watermark on my pictures, I think I will just put them on my most recent pictures plus my new ones. I am pretty sure you add a watermark using a photo software program... that part is free. Though now you have me wondering on the whole copyright thing... I will do more research. Sorry I couldn't be much help!

    1. Thanks, Monica! I appreciate your input! Maybe someday we'll get with the program! :) I need to do more research too! We'll help each other ;)

  2. Cassie, I use Picasa (free software from Google) to add my watermark. That is to prevent anyone else using it (stealing it) off the internet. I do it to all my pictures, just because I'm possessive. =) If you don't want to download Picasa, you can try PicMonkey, a great free photo editing software that can also watermark your pics.

    Everything you write is copyrighted to you as soon as you hit publish. It's one of those copyright laws that just applies. If you'd like, you can add a copyright notice on the bottom of your home page (go check out my blog at the very bottom). It's kind of nice to have, but the copyright law still applies even if you don't have it.

    Hope this helps!

    1. Oh, I see you already have the copyright spiel on the bottom of your blog! I re-read. You were asking for pictures only... Sorry.

    2. Haha!! Actually I "stole" that from YOU, then I saw that I could add something there myself ;) hehehe!! I didn't know that my posts are copyrighted as soon as I hit publish! I will definitely check out a photo editing program to watermark my pics. I don't want people stealing my pics! -_-


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