Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy "red roses, chocolate candies, sappy cards, white diamonds, sexy lingerie, special dinner date" Day!  I know, it's crazy that all of those things seem to somehow make up this day.  Especially when the story of Saint Valentine really doesn't have anything to do with those things, or love really.  Thank you to the businesses and commercialization that helped make it that way.  Well that was supposed to be sarcastic... but being a woman with a wonderful husband, I don't mind the modern Valentine's Day traditions. :)  If you'd like to know more of the real legend of St.Valentine click here, but I won't bore you with the story if you don't really care to know.

Since February 14, 2009, Valentine's Day has always put an even bigger smile on my face than years before.  That day for me was the day a woman, with dreams such as mine, waits for with anticipation of beginning a new adventure with her partner.  The day I was asked a very important question.  The day I gave a very important and anxiously awaited answer.  The day that would change my title in my relationship.  The day that would lead me closer to marrying my favorite person in the world.  Welcome to my story of our engagement.

That year Valentine's Day fell on a Saturday.  Justin had to play in a Jazz gig on the Friday night before.  Cassie was supposed to attend the gig, but she stayed home not feeling well.  Justin is the type of person to get so excited to give a gift to, that he can't wait for the actual day of celebration.  So he had planned on proposing the day he had the ring in his hand.  He left work early that day...Friday February 13th, went to go pick up the ring, went to his gig, showed his parents the ring (who had come to watch him play guitar that night) and told them that he was going to propose later that evening.  When he returned home he found his girlfriend passed out on the couch still not feeling well.  He was a little disappointed, but knew it would happen the next day, which happened to be Valentine's Day.
Cassie awoke alone with a Valentine's Day card beside her bed that read "For My Wife"...
She made her way to the kitchen to get some coffee, while Justin was standing there.  They hugged and said to each other "Happy Valentine's Day".  So a curious Cassie, says to him..."Thank you so much for the sweet card, but I have to ask...why the 'wife' card?"  He answered, "Well you know we're going to get married someday, so technically you're my wife already.  Unless you just want to go to the Justice of the Peace and get married today?!"  Cassie laughed, and said "Well no...I would...but I would like to have a real wedding with all of our friends and family there, with the dress, and the cake, and the dancing..." 
And with that, Justin found that to be the perfect moment...to drop to one knee...pull out the ring, and say "Well if you want a real wedding...you'll need a real ring.  Will you marry me?"  Of course Cassie said "YES!!!!!!"
We started making phone calls and sending out mass texts at about 9am of the great news...so many people predicted that we would be calling them to announce our engagement.  Why else would you call close friends and family on Valentine's Day at 9am? :) Later that afternoon we received a very nice floral bouquet from Justin's brother, Ashley and his fiance (...now wife) Jenn, Congratulating us on our engagement and wishing us a Happy Valentine's Day.  It's by far the best Valentine's Day ever!

So needless to say Valentine's Day holds a dear place in my heart for this moment alone.  Each year on this day, I reflect back and realize all that he and I been through since we've been together.  All that we are as individuals.  All that we are as a couple.  All that we are as friends.  All that we are as siblings.  All that we are as children.  And this year I'm able to think of all that we are as parents.  After all, this day has been molded over the years into a day where you should tell the people in your life that you love, that you love them!  I see no harm in that at all.  I view Valentine's Day as a day to pick up the phone and call (or text, or email, or skype, or facebook, or tweet, or instant message,...you get the idea) and tell the people who may need a reminder that you love them.  Even the people that don't need a reminder, the people that know deep in their heart that you, yes YOU, love them.  Those people love to hear that you love them!  Why not say those three little words and spread the love?
I am sure to tell my husband everyday that I love him.  I try to make sure that he can feel the love I have for him.  We all know that actions speak louder than words.  Every time I see or call a friend or family member, I make sure I tell them I love them.  Love is a wonderful feeling and it should be spread around the world.  To people, to pets, to nature, to everything.  It's the way to live, grow, and die happy.  Simple truth.

Ok enough about that.  Sometimes I get carried away and get in too deep and drown in my own words!  HA!  Anyway, hope you all have a great day and a Happy Valentine's Day!  Remember someone loves you!

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  1. To my loving and very caring sister-in-law! I don't think I have told you yet how much joy and excitement I get out of logging into my e-mail and seeing that foto friendly update e-mail, saying that you have yet blogged again! Oh wait, yes I did this morning! Ha Ha, check your e-mail! Oh well Again thank you for blogging! I really enjoy reading it! Keep up the good work! Love you and Happy Valentine's Day!


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