Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We're Still Here!

Hey all!  I'm really sorry for not being around the last two months!  Time sure does fly when you're busy and having fun!  So our big girl, Annaliese, is over 7 1/2 months old now.  It's hard to fathom that thought really.  It just feels like I was still carrying her and feeling her kicks in my belly.  Justin and I have enjoyed every moment we share with her in our lives.  It's truly an amazing journey!  

So to catch you up a little of what's been going on...  Annaliese is a professional roller, she can sit up on her own now, she has two teeth and another one poking through, she says "dada" and loves to be tickled!  She claps her hands and feet, she will laugh at herself (as well as her silly mommy and daddy), she loves to dance (which consists of waving her arms around and shaking her head).  She can also move her wrists to a wave, although I know she doesn't understand the gesture.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't take a picture of her and her pretty smile (or cozy sleepy positions).  We have moved her bedtime back a little bit and she seems to be doing better with sleeping through the night with that.  She still takes 1-2 naps a day for 2-3 hours at a time.  She is a growing little lady and is developing quite the personality!  Unfortunately Annaliese had her first sinus infection for about a week, but with the help of some antibiotics, she was able to get better :)  

So now time for the pictures...I'm sorry if they're out of chronological order but because I haven't had the time to blog as often as I'd like to - especially with two blogs, I'll just post a few pictures and videos of little Miss Annaliese for you to enjoy.  Oh on another note, Justin and I have decided to try to not call her "Anna" as much anymore because really "Annaliese" is such a pretty name and we named her that for a reason.  So please enjoy some pictures of our little Annaliese Marie. :)  And I will try my hardest to write an update of her at least once a month!  Until next time...toodles!

Playing with Sammie

Always wakes up with a smile on her face!

Cinco De Mayo- Nana and Papou came to visit

Mother's Day banquet- 4 Generations

Annaliese and her grandmothers
Sleeping on my arm


Story Time- Are You My Mother?

Holding up her bottle all by herself

Another "Just Woke Up" shot (with assistance sitting up) 

Memorial Day Parade- Annaliese's first parade!

Checking out the firetrucks during the parade

Mommy and Annaliese


Enjoying a warm spring walk with mommy and daddy.

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