Friday, June 22, 2012

It's Time...Baby Proof The House Part 1

Well...we knew it would happen eventually.  Our baby girl is very mobile as of now.  She still hasn't crawled yet, but she has become such a professional roller that she can surely travel around the large living room floor just as if she could crawl.  I think sometimes her sideways travel could be considered a crawl, but she still has yet to head in a forward direction.  But regardless she IS getting around quite well.  

Check out how well this little roller can roll!


It's about that time... Baby Proofing.

I guess we have a new "to do list".  

  1. Get baby gates and install them
  2. Clear off all of our lamp tables and coffee table
  3. Put rubber padding around tables
  4. Take down any knick knacks from book shelves that are at her level (even in her walker)
  5. Wrap all of our wires (TV, DVD player, Laptops, Candle Warmers - ok REMOVE Candle Warmers, Lamps, and Phone Chargers) Did I forget anything?
  6. Buy those wall outlet covers and install them
  7. Buy more cupboard locks (Because we do already have some installed due to the curious cat) and install them
  8. Make sure our bookshelves are bolted to the wall and remove any objects that could fall and hurt the baby - so pretty much unless we are housing some stuffed animals on bookshelves in the living room, we should upgrade to only wall shelves
  9. Be more mindful of objects that we leave around the house and always watch for small choking hazards nearby
Hmmm...That's about all I can think of for now.  Let the games begin!  

Did I miss anything else to baby proof a house for an 8 month old?  

Any advice you care to share to first time parents with a mobile baby?


  1. What a cutie! She seems like such a happy baby girl!

    1. Thank you, Monica! She is a very happy baby (most of the time)! *wink wink*


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