Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Big Thank You

Every couple knows that it takes a lot of work to make things work.  And by that I mean there are sacrifices, compromises and lots of "meet in the middles" that you need to experience with your significant other in order to make your relationship work.  I'm not here to give you relationship advice because every relationship is different and I don't have the right or the Doctorate Degree to tell you anything but I do want to take this time to show some appreciation for my husband, Justin.

Thank You for everything you do everyday for our family.  
Thank you for going to work in a very difficult position Monday - Friday and sometimes even on weekends. 
Thank you for going to the store to get me soup when I'm not feeling well and coming back with a "get well soon" card because you know I love cards.  
Thank you for doing the dishes when I cook.  
Thank you for cooking.  
Thank you for helping with the laundry and cleaning.  
Thank you for feeding and bathing our daughter.  
Thank you for taking care of the yard work in the warmer months.
Thank you for taking out the trash.  
Thank you for grocery shopping and picking new recipes to try.  
Thank you for taking care of the budget so we can buy a home someday.  Thank you for starting a blog just so we can do something else together.  Thank you for your support when I'm having a doubtful day.  
Thank you for always believing in me.  
Thank you for always telling me I'm beautiful.  
Thank you for being the greatest husband I could ever have imagined.  
Thank you for being an exceptional father to our daughter and showing her how much you love and care for her everyday.  
And thank you for always telling me how much you appreciate me as well.

It really does take both parties in a relationship to give it their all.  It's hard enough to live life and spend needed time together with all of the busy daily activities, especially with a little one, and plans with friends and family, the sudden hardships that comes along, the big celebrations...  It all seems so chaotic at times, but I love our life together and I love our relationship.  He is my best friend.  Yes we have our differences, as everyone does; but because we communicate about everything, it really does make it easier to a degree.  We don't have to guess how the other is feeling.  We don't have to assume.  Our relationship is not a mystery from each other and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Oh and Thank you, Justin, for being you.  I love you.

Picture taken on our honeymoon in Jamaica 2010. Edited by me.

END mushy stuff... 

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