Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Color Run, Here I Come!

You all have probably heard of a Color Run, right?

It's a national tour of a mapped out 5k in many large cities where people of all ages can participate in running, walking, skipping, crawling to the finish line while getting blasted with a rainbow of powdered color the whole way through!

Check out this video!  It pretty much explains everything that happens!  :)

Well my best friend, Takia and I had tried to sign up for The Color Run last year and participate in the Washington D.C. tour.  Unfortunately two weeks after the starting sign up date, they were sold out!  I didn't realize how popular it was at the time.  We were very disappointed but prayed that there would be another opportunity ahead.  I signed up to be on their VIP email list to be one of the first people to hear about another Color Run event in the area.  I received an email stating that there will be another race in D.C. in 2013 and sign ups will start on Dec 1, 2012.  I mentioned this to some of my friends and quickly got a few "We're in!" responses!


We're in!  I have signed up and I am officially going to do my first ever Color Run on May 19, 2013!  I can't wait to have another 5k notch on my belt!  This time, my friends and I are going to try to create a time to beat for all of us!  Motivation is key for any work out and it helps to have friends and family on a journey with you to do so!  I am so excited for this new adventure in our Nation's Capital!
I am ready to get back on schedule with running and working out and be ready to run this awesomely messy color race next year!

I'm blessed to have my awesome friends, my always supportive family and my super supportive and awesome blogging buddies!  Thanks for being there to cheer me on!


  1. That's awesome! Now I really wish I was closer :(

    1. I know, I wish you did too! :( WHEN you do live closer, because it WILL HAPPEN...we will definitely do one of these together! I promise! God willing :)

  2. Never heard of this before, and it looks mighty interesting! Good luck, and I'm sure you'll tell all!

    1. I sure will~ And thank you! I plan to take as many pictures as possible! :)


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