Monday, January 16, 2012

Proud Doesn't Even Cover It.

I love being a mother!  As if you don't know that already.  ;)  It's very difficult at times, yes, but its the best title and feeling I could've ever imagined!  I'm sure I'll be less enthusiastic when I have a 13 year old daughter asking permission for Friday night movie dates,  piercings and concerts...but I'll enjoy my sweet baby girl while I can. :)
For the first time on Saturday morning (2 days ago) we witnessed something that we didn't expect to see!  Looking over at the video baby monitor after hearing Anna start to wake up, Justin noticed that she was in the process of moving onto her back from her belly.  > Side note: She is a belly sleeper.  I know that some doctors and parents are against it.  And believe me we juggled the decision in our head for quite awhile, but she doesn't like to be swaddled and her arms and legs would flail after coming to a rest state and she would always wake herself up.  Besides Dr. Spock wasn't against belly sleeping for babies and "we" (as in 1980's babies) are fine.  The #1 best advice we were given in ANY circumstance is "do what works best for your baby because all babies are different" and so we do.  < End side note.  Anyway as he slowly woke up, (daddy is not really much of a morning fact he's not at all a morning person...) he went into her room and saw her already on her back and was using the side of the crib as leverage to roll herself back onto her belly.  Yesss!!  *Proud mommy moment* She did a complete 360 degree roll at 3 months old!   Justin let me sleep in a little longer, since those days are hard to come by during his work week.  When I woke up, it was the first thing that he told me and it made my heart smile!  I couldn't wait to grab my little girl and hug and squeeze her and kiss her chubby cheeks because I was so shocked and proud!  

THEN also for the past 2 nights she has also been sleeping through the night!!  (Ahhhhhh)  We have been trying something different in addition to her nighttime cereal/formula bottle.  We give her a bath, play with her and try to wear her out and then feed her the nighttime bottle and make sure she gets good and burped before laying her down for the night.  So far it's worked 2 for 2!  So hopefully I'll have good news to report tomorrow with a 3 for 3 status! :)  

She is just getting so big and growing so fast.  It's really amazing how fast children grow and advance right before your very eyes.  I truly love every moment and look forward to so many more 'big girl moments'!  

That's all for now.  Sleep tight little lady bug, preferably through the night.

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  1. Gio was a belly sleeper too and also HATED being swaddled :) You're absolutely right, you do what's best for you and your baby and what you're comfortable with!


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