Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Belly Laugh

Annaliese has experienced her first real belly laugh!  

It's kind of a funny story, whereas she was actually having a rough night (or so we thought) and was just discontent for a good hour.  Daddy was walking her around the house, because that always seems to help when she is upset.  She doesn't like to be stationary, she likes to move around.  So because she still wasn't really calming we decided to do what we saw in the movie "Life As We Know It" (which is a REALLY good movie by the way and I recommend watching it).  In the movie the little girl who is probably just over a year old is crying uncontrollably and the new adoptive parents are trying and trying to console her and nothing helps.  Finally they call the maybe 11 year old neighbor and she has a secret!  To hold the baby near the stove fan and the ambient noise of the fan calms her.  So....we tried that and it worked!!  

Justin and I were in the kitchen talking about how crazy it is that babies seem to have mood swings just like adults do.  While Justin was still holding Anna I started to make faces at her because she was calmed and I was trying to get her to smile.  Then I started swaying back and forth trying to get her to follow where I was going.  Then Justin joined in and she started to laugh!  Like a good laugh!  It was the most adorable music to our ears!  We did this for about 2 minutes and then realized while she was still laughing and in a good mood, we should get this on camera!  So here is the video! :)

The joys of parenthood never cease to amaze Justin and I.  We are truly enjoying every moment of being a parent and learning each other as parents. We knew that our lives as a happily married couple would exist differently after having a baby, but we didn't realize how much differently.  Minutes for each other are very few and far between, but we do still have some time for adult life.  When Anna naps in the evening, we watch our recorded shows together and sometimes pop in a movie.  We're able to sit down and eat dinners together, or better yet MAKE dinners together.  We occasionally have a date night out when one of the grandmothers watch Anna.  It's just that because it's winter and so cold out, Justin and I would rather stay inside and hibernate until spring like the intelligent mammals on this planet!  haha!  It is getting easier as Anna is becoming more on a routine and sleeps through the night more and more.  Soon we'll be chasing our little 'busy bug' around the house!  Until then, we'll enjoy our little playtime together. :) 


  1. Love it! By the way, a very good movie! Amazing how it works!


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