Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Less Blogging. More Living.

"You have to live life before you have anything to blog about." 

- Sam Kanatzar - My Life As Wife

Truthful words spoken from my fellow blogger friend on a day when I was venting on Twitter about missing the time I used to take just to write a little blog post.  But for the past 2 months, I’ve been pretty busy living.  I’m not upset about that in the least.  I’ve been having fun living my life!  Of course I still update the occasional Facebook post or tweet here and there, but haven’t really had a chance to sit down and write freely. 

Here’s why:

"The Girls" - Jessie's Bachelorette Party

We got legs!
I’m privileged to be the Matron of Honor in my best friend’s wedding on May 19, 2012.  So of course before she ties the knot, there had to be a “last night out” and a bridal shower!  So the other bridesmaid, Gretchen (who happens to me one of my good friends) and I had been working on the plans for both of those special and important events.  It’s bittersweet that they have come and gone, but the next and final event is the wedding!  Only 11 more days! :)

I also turned another year older on April 4th, so I am officially in the last year of my 20’s!  Ironically, my husband’s birthday is 2 weeks after mine on April 18th, so we had to celebrate both dates with a night out each.  For my husband’s birthday, his brother and his brother’s wife decided to get him his dream dog as a birthday gift and gave him/us a 4 month old bulldog pup, we named Otis (after Otis Redding).  That was exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time.  He’s a sweet puppy, such beautiful coloring and markings, but definitely a stubborn, bull-headed (living up to the name of the breed) chewer.  Being a stay at home mom to a 6 month old and trying to train a puppy not to chew, to go outside for all potty breaks, to not eat the cat we’ve had for almost 3 years and that human babies are not able to play yet was more than a challenge.  Unfortunately after only a week of having him here, he had jumped up on my daughter and my husband and I had to make the best decision for our family and have him taken back to his brother’s house.  We’ll still be by to visit, but it will be hard.  It’s already been almost a month since he left and it still hurts because he was quickly loved and became part of our family, but the timing just isn’t right for us to have a puppy.  The show must go on… 

My dad and step mom came to visit from NJ last weekend for Cinco De Mayo!  (No I’m not Mexican, but I’ll take any reason I can to have some yummy Mexican food and a margarita)  We had a great visit with some great food and although the visits are few and far between, luckily we will be able to see them again soon when they return for my brother’s graduation of the police academy on May 31st!  I also did a 5k for the first time in 7 years with my sister in-law and that was fun!  I walked and jogged the whole thing, but I enjoyed doing it!  It gives my sister in-law, Jenn, and I some time to hang out together, but it was a good fundraiser for breast cancer.  We’ll be doing other 5ks again I’m sure. 

Jenn, Me, and Nicki before the 5K

With all of the birthdays, doctor’s appointments, dress fittings, “holidays”, and other events…it’s been pretty crazy around here.  But I wouldn’t trade it for anything! 

Plus my little girl is growing so fast!  She is 3 days from being 7 months old, she can sit up by herself now, she has cut two teeth, she is clapping and laughing around the clock and with the HARD challenge of mastering the “Ferber Method” (letting her cry it out), after only 6 nights of this method she has been sleeping through the night and sleeping 10 hours!  It was very, VERY hard to do, but knowing that it was best for her to learn that she can’t always fall asleep in mommy or daddy’s arms was a good lesson for her to learn.  The nights she would wake up, I would go in her room (because daddy was sleeping so he could get his rest to do his hard job at work the next day), make sure she heard me and saw me, patted her back or rubbed her belly while she was lying down without picking her up, and stayed for about 30 seconds and then left.  I returned every 5, 10, 15… minutes until she realized that she wasn’t going to be picked up and she eventually put herself back to sleep.  Some nights I would only have to do this 3 times and she would put herself back to sleep.  One time I only had to go in her room once and she was back to sleep in 10 minutes.  The other nights she would cry for an hour to an hour and a half and it seemed like I was torturing her because she just wanted to be held.  But it was worth the sleepless nights and testing of my motherhood skills.  I just hope that the sleeping through the night continues.  

My Little Ladybug

On another good note, I won a photo-shoot for my daughter and me for Mother’s Day! :)  I am so grateful for this opportunity because she has never had her pictures “professionally” taken and these pictures will mean so much to me. 

Hopefully I’ll get back into blogging again after the wedding.  I still have to finish writing my Matron of Honor speech and rehearse because I’m not all that great with speaking in front of a lot of people.  Wish me luck! 

So until next time, I’ll be living life so that I’ll have much to blog about later.  :)

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