Monday, April 2, 2012

March Photo A Day- Complete

Ok everyone!  I FINALLY finished my first whole month of the Photo A Day Challenge by @FatMumSlim.  I had a little hang up because my old phone's camera lens cracked and my pictures were coming out warped!  I love imperfect pictures, but I was not havin' that!  So here are my March "Photo A Day" picture collages.  Enjoy!

1)  Gas prices are always on the rise. *sigh*  Since this was taken 31 days ago, prices have gone up to $3.99 a gallon for regular!  Highway robbery! 
2)  Cantaloupe is one of my favorite fruits! 
3)  We live on a pretty busy street but I happened to capture a peaceful moment on the road.


4)  The necessities.  Baby monitor, touch lamp, and lotion for my extremely dry hands this season. 
5)  My little cutie always smiling away! 
6)  In the fifth hour making my mom's famous Chicken Squares.  (I'll post the recipe another day) 
7)  I always wear my wedding rings.  ...except when I do the dishes or give Annaliese a bath, then sometimes I forget to put them back on.  Oops!


8)  This is the window in the kitchen.  I love watching the squirrels, birds, bunnies, chipmunks and sometimes even raccoons stop by and play.  Makes doing the dishes a lot less painful 
9)  I have yet to purchase a pair of red pumps, but mark my words "I will." 
10)  ...But until then I have these fabulous and loud silver glitter pumps that I'll be wearing for my best friend, Jessie's bachelorette party in 2 weeks! 
11)  I talk to both of my favorite people in the world, everyday.  *swoon*


12)  One of our forks edited with 2 apps.  First one used is called ToonCamera.  The second, WordFoto. 
13)  One of my favorite signs in the world.  The universal sign language for "I love you".  Thank you to my hand model, aka my husband.  I love you, baby! 14)  I was at a red light and looked over and saw these clouds.  They were like mile long grey stripes in the sky.  It was awesome!


15)  This is my best friend Takia's car.  It's name is Sunny Jo.  She names all her cars :) 
16)  A case of sunglasses at a store called Body Central.  Loved this store!


17)  My new Hoops & Yoyo cup that Jessie got me for my birthday!  It talks and I love it!  Hoops and Yoyo go way back for my group of friends. :) 
18)  This is my favorite place in my house (besides my bed where I dream of sleeping).  This is where Anna's bedtime story takes place and where we feed her and rock her to sleep.  This is usually the place where I reflect on my life and everything I am grateful for. 
19)  We had just gotten back from an evening family walk and Anna was very talkative.  So I perched her on the armrest of the couch and her and daddy just talked away.  It was so cute and funny!


 20)  Before Annaliese my monthly subscription showed up in my mailbox I read all of the celebrity gossip in People magazine.  After Annaliese my monthly subscription is Parents magazine.  Got to read up on what others have gone through being a parent and how that may or may not affect my parenting with my kids.


21)  Inspired by the great Rachel Ray, I decided to try her recipe for rosemary chicken and garlic potatoes.  This dinner was very easy to make and it was delicious! 
22)  Here is our kitchen sink.  Usually always full of dishes and bottles, but for your viewing pleasure, I at least did the dishes first. 
23)  This is a picture frame that we got as a baby shower gift (and have yet to use it, so in case you're wondering...that's not my kid).  It has the nursery rhyme "Hey Diddle Diddle" on it.  Very cute! 
24)  This is our 19.5lb cat, Sammie Samurai.  He seems a little intimidating but he is really lovable and really good with the baby.


25)  Strawberries n cream oatmeal.  I love oatmeal and pretty much eat it for breakfast 8 days a week. 
26)  My house is a music lovers house and this is a shot of our baby grand piano.  I can't play anything but "Mary Had a Little Lamb", but hey!  It's a start!


27)  My name is Cassandra, but you can call me Cassie.  This is a mug that a good friend got me for Christmas one year.  I'd say it's pretty accurate.


28)  Yep, here's our trash.  Not a pleasant thing to take a spectacular picture of.  Moving on... 
29)  My daughter is obsessed with her feet!  If she's laying on her back at any moment, she will soon have her feet in her hands and making way to her mouth.  I think it's adorable, but someone who is grossed out by feet (yes even baby feet) may not feel the same.


30)  Justin and I used to play games all the time and realized that since with a baby we haven't had much time to do so, we made time and went out and bought a new game to play.  Had a blast playing this! 
31)  If I'm not trying to fall asleep in bed, I'm reclined on our oh-so-comfortable couch, usually with a sleeping baby on my chest.  Yes, very relaxing. 

Well there you have it!  A daily photo for a whole month.  And now that I have my iphone , I'll be keeping up better with the photo a day via Instagram @callmecassie and Twitter @Call_Me_Cassie.  Until next month... Make memories!

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