Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Moment.

My heart has officially melted...

Words cannot even express how in love I am with our daughter.  My almost 2 month old little lady is showing her "pearly gums" for all the world to see and grinning from ear to ear so much lately and I just melt every time.  I am instantly overcome with tears of love and joy from this little being and I have never been so proud of anything in all my life.  
I have always enjoyed children and babies.  They are little miracles from heaven, even in their worst state. Uncontrollable crying, temper tantrums, messy diapers, messy rooms...but when you see your tiny creation, your gift from God, smile at you or give you a hug and a kiss, it is undeniably the best feeling known to man.  I believe now more than ever, that I was born to be a mommy for I have not been as moved and as passionate about anything else in my 28 years of life.  

The last 2 months have surely been a challenge with random bottomless feedings, adjusting to a non existent sleep schedule, trying to find time to maintain the laundry, dishes, cleaning, bills, cooking AND trying to find time to spend with my husband after his long work day when all we want to do is sleep.  But as times goes on, things do get better and just as everyone with children have always said, "it's worth it".  It truly is!  

Small and Sweet- by Shauna Scott
My little girl so small and sweet, 
Those tiny hands and tiny feet.
Everyday I watch you grow, 
You teach me everything I know.
Such a joy to be around, 
Every smile and every sound.
Number one you will stay, 
Each and every single day.
You changed my life in such good ways,
''Thank You'' is all that I can say.
I love to watch you sleep at night,
Cuddled warm and wrapped up tight.
As I blink the time it flies, 
It breaks my heart to see you cry.
I gave you life, so proud to say,
I'll love you more with every day.
My little girl so small and sweet,
For you my heart, It beats and beats.
I love you Annaliese Marie Skidmore.  I breathe for you.


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